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"perfectly pure ..."

From one of the world’s most pristine locations.

The island of Papua New Guinea hosts the world’s third largest, untouched tropical rainforest and is home to an incredible range of flora and fauna. Unspoiled by exposure to chemicals and pesticides, it’s this environment that supplies the water we bottle and distribute to our customers. It makes us immensely proud that every time you pick up a bottle of PUREWATER® we know you’re drinking water that’s equal in quality to the world’s best.

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Trusted for 25 years.

We’ve been supplying drinking water to households and offices for more than 25 years. During that time, investment in our food-defence and quality-management systems has become the cornerstone of everything we do. Combine that with our intrinsic service-culture, and you have a brand that’s trusted by thousands of customers – from individual consumers, to offices and workplaces, high-commissions and embassies, foreign military detachments, mine sites, and oil and gas projects.

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What our customers say:

"At Solar Solutions PNG Limited, we care about our staff's welfare. That is why, when it comes to providing drinking water for our office, we choose quality by drinking PUREWATER®. We know that PUREWATER® is the only HACCP-certified water bottling company that meets ISO standards as well. Adding to the quality of water, PUREWATER®'s customer service is exceptional."

What our customers say:

"We love PUREWATER® because it keeps the doctor away from our family. PUREWATER® is clean, healthy, and the best quality water in PNG; nothing beats the taste of PUREWATER®. A healthy life chooses PUREWATER®. We love your water, from the Sanagke family."

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