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Our water – PUREWATER®

Our manufacturing process involves the use of a simple filtration system engineered to remove all impurities picked up between our water source and bottling facility. We eschew the use of reverse osmosis and ozone treatment to ensure essential minerals remain at recommended levels. We use high-end packaging materials sanctioned for use by the world’s most demanding organisations, and engineered to ensure our water does not contain the parabens sometimes associated with low-cost PET material.

Girls running and playing holding a bottle of PUREWATER

We supply

PUREWATER bottles in a group

330mL, 600mL and 1.5L bottles


19L reusable PC bottles

PUREWATER 5L water cradle

Benchtop cradle and valves to suit PC bottles

PUREWATER Benchtop Dispenser

Benchtop and floor-standing hot and cold dispensers

Recycling and sustainability.

We proudly support the PET recycling program introduced to PNG by Coca-Cola Europacific Partners. This scheme (launched in 2022 and underwritten by CCEP) provides income-earning opportunities by providing cash to collectors who deliver used containers to select depots.  These depots shred the material they receive before shipping it to Malaysia for further processing. It then goes onto a CCEP facility in Indonesia to be recycled into preforms. PUREWATER® supports this initiative by providing a PET collection service to major customers and commercial facilities.

PUREWATER® delivery crews collect used PET material and deliver it at no cost to the customer to CCEP-nominated facilities. Proceeds from the sale of the material to CCEP are then donated to the charitable causes supported by PUREWATER®.

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